Please review our current requests for proposals below. 

RFP Questions & Answers

Can we perform site walk(s)?

None are scheduled but you are encouraged to visit the area to get an idea of the local terrain and local challenges.

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What civil structures are available for Contractor use?

None have been identified at this time. Each area will be different and should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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Could you please expand upon the 100mb throughput requirement and how it will be tested?

Understanding that it’s not practical to fully run 100MB throughput testing from all sites simultaneously, we will test via a ping test from individual residences. Even then there are variances on base on wired vs wireless / WIFI and local switch port speeds which impact speed.

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What existing network infrastructure or diagrams are available?

Each school will have its own network diagram for its internal network. The internal school network cannot be extended beyond the school campus per existing FCC rules therefore a separate ISP connection will be required for each site.

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Can we use the school internet connection?

Only if there is no commercial internet available in the area (this is a very limited basis).
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Are the addresses provided final?

Student address is moving targets so the list provided in the RFP’s is a snapshot in time.

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What sites have high speed internet (fiber) available today and who are the providers?

  • Chevelon Butte - Fiber is not installed but available at an NRC cost of $15,000 from SparkLight. Form 471 has been filed and if approved will be installed during the 2021-2022 funding year. If it is not installed, we need to include the install in the cost of the RFP deployment.
  • Beaver Creek – Fiber approved and being installed by SparkLight now but will not be complete until June 2022. Include an ISP connection in your RFP response.
  • Paloma District – Fiber is at the school and capacity is available from Zayo.
  • Pima District – Fiber is available at the school from SparkLight
  • Holbrook District – Fiber is available at the school from SparkLight.
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