The Project—Bringing Broadband to The Final Mile

The extent to which technology in the home can effectively deny a child access to an education has expanded exponentially over the last few years. We are in a position to establish patterns of service that will overcome the potential deficit. We must reach out and bring access to the prosperity made possible by a more interconnected world to those in rural Arizona by bridging the gap and taking it to The Final Mile.

We Ask—We Listen—We Act

First, the technology exists. We have identified tools that will enable the establishment of a network of fiber-linked nodes capable of reaching all the households within a seven mile radius. Within each home, access points capable of providing 100 Mbps/100 Mbps access to wireless devices can be installed. 

Second, programs exist to provide the funding to erect the network. Through the Rural Utilities Service, grant funding is available for such a program. Management of the service would be provided by either a non-profit organization or a governmental or quasi-governmental (public service corporation) agency. It is possible that management could be contracted with private providers, cooperative agencies or municipalities. There are a number of regulatory questions still to be addressed.

Third, models are currently being developed to demonstrate the efficacy of the technology. These models are being set up in a number of rural communities across Arizona. Based on their performance, we will be able to answer many of the questions.

Map of Internet Radius